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Please note that all Board meeting minutes are posted under the MBHOA Budget tab and require a user ID and Password.  If you need access please email with your name, email, and address.

*** Updates ***

The 2014 Annual Meeting was held 11/20/2014, please see below for the presentation that was reviewed:
2014 Annual Meeting Presentation

Meeting Minutes Summary

The 2014 Annual Membership Meeting was held on Thursday night (Nov 20) at the Cheshire Senior Center.  There were 17 lot owners present, and obviously a quorum was present.  The meeting was conducted in accordance with the posted agenda.

  1. The South Brooksvale proposal was reviewed to state that the proposal had FAILED as a result of ballots received by Nov 13.
  2. Four new Board members were elected (George Hurden, Holly Harte, Jim Brady and Paul Crespi) with 2 year terms  to serve with the three continuing members (Betty LaBonia, Mike DiRocco, Laurie Franklin) for a total of seven Board Members.
  3. Mountain Brook Road repairs are scheduled to start later this month (this is outside the scope of the ten-year repaving plan discussed below).
  4. Extended discussion followed the presentation of a Board-recommended ten-year plan to implement repaving of Mountain Brook Road.  This multi-phase undertaking would require a new special assessment of $950 per lot for each of the ten years of the plan, to fund a dedicated Road Capital Improvement account.  This special assessment will be in addition to the existing annual $1250 assessment currently in place (which is not capped, but depends on the Board’s annual budget assessment).  This special assessment will likely be staggered with the January $1250 dues assessment, such as in July or August; but will impose a total annual assessment of $2200 per lot owned (or higher depending an annual dues assessment).  The membership present at the meeting then voted on the proposal; and it PASSED with a vote of 11 YES to 6 NO.  The new Board will be tasked with implementing the initial phase and announcing details as the new 2015 year progresses. This vote commits the special $950 annual assessments to occur for a specific period of 10 years (2015-2024).

Please be aware of the above increase in assessment to begin in 2015, and plan your finances accordingly.  Total annual assessments will now be $2200 (or somewhat higher depending on annual dues assessment by the Board).”

*** Updates***


2015 Association Officers
President - Mike DiRocco 
Treasurer - George Hurden
Secretary- Holly Harte

2015 Board of Directors

Laurie Franklin 
Mike Dirocco
Betty LaBonia 
George Hurden
Paul Crespi
Holly Harte
Jim Brady 

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